Every Man Should Read This: Reasons Why Most Ladies Like Crying


The following are some of the reasons why most ladies like crying, it's natural:

1.To gain attention 

Most women cry to gain attention from their men. Especially when they want to get your attention to tell you something important. 

2.To increase $3xual pleasure

Hmmmm. The LEGEND will and can explain more on this. Most men get more harder and charged when thier wives and women cries during intercourse. This cry always comes with sounds and some utterances.

3.To gain empathy

Most women cry so that one may understand and feel their emotions. Especially when they are going through troubling moments.

4.To show fear and resistance 

Most women cry to show fear or resist an action on them, such as abuse.

5.To express hurt and embarrassment

90% of women cries when they are embarrassed in public. Especially if there could be another way to confront their actions instead of embarrassing them publicly.

6.Cry for nothing

This are called the crying babies. They cry for every reason. When they are happy they cry, wen sad they cry, everything they cry. 

7.Hypocritical crying

LEGENDARY CRY or FAKE CRY. They use your weakness as their advantage when they realise their cry makes you weak.

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