"Do you guys truly love bathing with your partners?" she inquired. This is how the public reacted.

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Refilwe Moeng asked on Twitter if individuals love taking showers with their spouses, and people reacted in a variety of ways. She used to do it with her ex, according to YouTube. She stated that she expected to despise it, but it was actually quite pleasant. She said she cleaned her ex's back and forced her ex to wash hers as well. She stated she'd have him wash her entire body, and the consevation smacked her in the shower as well. One of them stated that she does not mind; it is what it is to her, and the shower must be rather large. She added that intimacy in the shower makes no sense unless the man has the ability to pick up women.

Msimango Bongiwe, on the other hand, claims he won't do it since guys shower with water. She claims she has a lot higher tolerance for hot water and does not want to torment herself any more. Maishibe declined, stating that she could no longer do so because she had taken a bath with her lover and become pregnant as a result.

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