Watch: Driver fills tank and drives off without paying. See what petrol attendant does next.

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There's something we call "dine n dash" this is a term we use to describe someone who comes into a restaurant and eats and just before they hand them the bill the person runs away without paying. Well, it seems that there is a similar thing that is happening in patrol stations all across South Africa.

There's a video that has been all over social media platforms. The video has captured a lot of peoples attention because of what is happening in it.

The video shows a petrol attendant pouring petrol in a red Kia Picanto, and as soon as he's done pouring the petrol the driver attempted to drive away without paying for the petrol they just poured in the car.

People were more impressed with what the petrol attendant did next. The video shows the petrol attendant throwing an object at the rear window of the Kia and the window broke just as the driver was about to flee without paying. I'm sure we can all agree that the driver deserved what happened to him in that video.

The driver was taking advantage of the fact that it was night and he wasn't going to be seen as easily as during the nighttime. Let's hope this doesn't become a common thing that it ends up earning a term, like "dine n dash".

There's a possibility that the money for the petrol he fled with will probably be taken from the salary of the petrol attendant which is unfair at all.

In the video, the number plate of the vehicle can't be seen properly but with proper computer skills maybe they figured out who the car belongs to and some justice was served because what the driver did is indeed theft and there should be a penalty that he needs to pay for doing this.

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