Photos Of The Buggati And Ferrari Collection Of Boxer Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather is one of the boxing legends of the world. He was so remarkable during his boxing days.

During his remarkable career, he fought 50 times and won all 50 And 27 of the was won with Knock Out(27KOs).

He made so much money during his day as a boxer which is in the tune of over $1billion.

Mayweather loves exotic cars especially Bugatti Ferrari, Rolls Royce and this propelled him to possess two exotic car collections of the two brand mentioned above.

The two car collection which he named Mayweather Boxing Club TMT is located at his house in Las Vegas while the other one is in Los Angeles .

The collection shows the cars which comes in different colors and models and designs.

The collection include a 4 Bugatti veyron worth an estimated £1.7million each,5Roll Royce worth over £3 million, a Lamborghini avantador worth over £275,500 and Ferrari's 488 worth £238,500 and many other exotic cars.

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