Simplified school calendar from 2021 to 2023

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The post co:vid academic calendar has been a really tough one to take for teachers, students and parents.The ministry of education has always tried it's best to shorten the terms as possible for the calendar to resume as normal.

We look at a breakdown of the school calendar running from 2021 to 2023.

Term 2:11/10/2021-23/12/2021

The second term of this academic year will run for only 11 weeks before breaking for December holidays .There will be no midterm break in what is used to being the third term.

Term 3;3/1/2022 to 4/3 /2022

The final term will commence early January and and run up to the fourth of March .A mid term break is scheduled for early February.


The Kenya certificate of primary education will start from March 7 and run for four days while KCSE will start from 11 March and end on 1st may 2022.

The 1st term of the 2022 calendar will begin from 25 April and will run for 10 weeks which is shorter than usual.The mid term break is scheduled for three days from 26 may to 29 may.A one week holiday will start on July second and end on ninth of the same month.

The second term will start on 11 July and run for 10 weeks with a 3 day break scheduled in between.A one week holiday will Mark the end of the term.

The third term will begin at a more familiar time .It starts from 26 September to 25 November. KCPE exams will start on 28 October and continue for four days.

The KCPE will commence on first December and end on 23rd if the same month and marking begins from 2nd January and end after 3 weeks.

From here ,the normal calendar will begin to take shape as the first term will begin early 2023 .It will be tough for parents since the time to look for fees seems to be shorter than usual.

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