Ten Signs Of A Serious Relationship

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How do you tell if the person you are with is the right one for you when you are truly invested in them? How can you determine the status of your relationship? Do any signs exist that could indicate whether this relationship will end in marriage?

Maybe you've reached the point where you want to start a family and want to know if the relationship has any future. How can you tell if the person you are dating is just as dedicated to you as you are to them?

The following indicators may help you determine how serious and committed your relationship is becoming and how close you are to moving forward:

1. You stop using "I" or "you" and begin using the pronoun "we" instead.

2. You cannot imagine being with anyone else besides him or her. They are beginning to surpass you as your most significant individual.

3. You catch yourself considering how to appease your partner rather than how to please yourself.

4. You imagine yourself getting older together, taking care of one another, and strolling hand in hand along the shore.

5. You enjoy making up stories about your future offspring and grandchildren.

6. You begin to view money differently, considering things like buying a home together, setting money aside for a trip together, and spending it on anything you can do together.

7. You refuse to go on dates with your friends and other people in favor of spending time with them.

8. You grow weary of being single and begin to consider getting married.

9. You firmly believe that good relations between your family and the parents of your "special someone" are crucial.

10. You and your partner begin to consider and discuss your goals for the future more.

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