Here Is What Sammy Ondimu The Police Officer Did That Has Left People Talking

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It is true to say that, good people still exist. The nature of a person is hard to be hidden and if it does, it is not for for long.

Humanity is a thing that is supposed to be practiced by all human kind.

It does not cost much when we practice being good to one another, regardless of whether we know each others or not.

It has always been the belief of many citizens that, the police officers are people who are inhumane.

But slowly by slowly, the narrative is currently changing. The interaction with the citizens has made it possible to be noted that, the good cops still exist.

What has happened recently in Nakuru County has been one of the greatest doing by the police officer, Shocking the native is a very big way.

Margaret Akinyi, a young pregnant lady rescued from Nakuru streets by the kind police officer Sammy Ondimu Ngare has given birth to a baby named Talia. 

The cop had taken her to Margaret Kenyatta Hospital in Nakuru before she went into labour. 

The officer Mr Ondimu mobilized other well-wishers who raised money and rented a house where Akinyi and her daughter will stay.

This is a very noble gesture, coming from an organized kitty from on the people who are thought to be trouble makers, rather than peace Makers.

May God bless him so much. Here are photos of the cop and other well wishers.

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