List Of Beautiful Ghanaian Female Celebrities Enstooled As Queenmothers. (PHOTOS)


Ghana is one of the African countries blessed with very beautiful but intelligent and hardworking ladies.Today we would be looking at some beautiful ladies in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry in Ghana who has been enstooled as Queen’s of certain Traditional areas.

1 . Eshun : Her real name is Ethel Esi Eshun popularly known as in the Ghana music industry as Eshun. She is one of the most popular female highlife musicians in Ghana. She is known for hit songs like, “Someone Loves Me”, “Akyia, singer and songwriter known for hits like "Someone Loves Me", "Akyia", and “Take me away". She was made the Queen mother of the Gomoa Adransi in the Central part of Ghana, on the 28th of December 2019.

2 . Wendy Shay: She is also one of the most beautiful Ghanaian female celebrities enstooled as Queenmother. She is enstooled as the Queen mother of Gomorra Afransi. Wendy joined the Ghanaian music industry about three years before that, she was a nurse in Canada. Her real name is Wendy Asiamah Addo.

3 . Oheneyere Gifty Anti : Gifty Anti is one of the most popular Television personality and writer. She is married to the chief of Edumasa traditional area which makes an automatic Queen mother of that Traditional area.