Kevin Bahati's Post Elicit Mixed Reactions Among Netizens," Rate My Worth By Looking At My Wife,"


Bahati is a Kenyan gospel Musician known because of his talent and also because of his way of flaunting his lavish life on social media.

ON different occasions he and his wife Diana Marua have gone on vacation both in and out of the country. The lastest being a trip to Ethiopia.

After making a comeback to social media one week after taking a break, the singer has written a post that has elicited mixed reactions among netizens.

"The only way I want people to know I have money is when they see my wife. When you look at my wife Diana, how do you rate me?" He wrote.

People have come out some to attack him while others are congratulating him because he has always showered his wife with beautiful gifts and she also have a certain lifestyle.

Photos of Diana

Below are the Reactions

Can you rate the musician looking at the photos of his wife?

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