Kajala Fridah's Cryptic Message a Day After Rayvanny Unfollowed Her Daughter On Instargram

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Kajala Fridah is an award-winning bongo movie actress and business lady. She became more popular after getting into a highly publicized relationship with Tanzanian Music entrepreneur Harmonize. However, things went south and they broke up a month later.

Earlier she shared a cryptic post on social media that read that the only person who can make you happy is yourself. It's not clear if she is heartbroken by her lover or if she is advising her teenage daughter Paula Kajala who has been dating Rayvanny for almost a year and just unfollowed each other a day ago sparking breakup rumors.

Though cryptic, she makes sense right? Depending on people to make you happy just hurts your feelings. Too much pain and heartbreaks might lead to depression and trust issues. So, you just need you. Do whatever floats your boat and ignore the rest.

Below is her latest post

Who do you think her message is directed to? Feel free to share your opi ions.

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