Just in; New Twist To The Death Of Angnes Tirop After New Details Revealed By Detectives

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Domestic violence have caused many people around the world to live in fear. Some innocent people have been confirmed dead after being killed by their partners. These cases should be condemned and all suspects arrested immediately. Furthermore the government should introduce guidance and counseling station in different places in the country to help those who are suffering depression.

According to the source, new details have emerge about the death of Angnes Tirop who is also a world athletic champion. It has been reported that, the Directives recovered a CCTV footage which will be more helpful in investigations. The CCTV footage was got from Agnes Tirop's House yesterday. Furthermore, it has been reported that, the directives did not share the footage with the media.

This comes in after Tirop's husband was arrested in Mombasa. Furthermore, the police officers are still doing more investigations to determine what really happened.

Let us pray for Tirop's family during this difficult time.

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