'Leave a Short Message for Eskom' People No longer Want Loadshedding, Check What They Said

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Date: 22/06/28



'Leave a Short Message for Eskom' People no longer want Loadshedding, Check What people Said

Loadshedding has been a problem this days and people don't like it. Lots of people are now struggling to cook and even bath because of loadshedding.

They no longer do their the things they used to do, like watching TV and been on social medias because when the electricity go it goes with network. People get bored and not know what to do.

A guy posted a picture of Eskom and asked his followers to leave a short message for Eskom. Lots of people are angry and the message they left was not so good. Here are some of their comments.


Loadshedding should just end we heard it's enough, we no longer watch our favourite soapies because the is always loadshedding and it goes with network, we are left bored.

What do you think about this?

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