Opinion - Ramaphosa is slowly turning this country into other African countries

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The military goverment of Mali is decolonising that cpuntry. It has ordered the French military to leave within 72 hours. It has dropped French as the official language.

The mssses want the nationalisation of natural resources and property of european foreigners.

There is a revolution in Mali.

The army is on the ground in Pietermaritzburg after a man was shot and injured during protest action in the city on Thursday morning.

The man was shot after the community allegedly had an altercation with the taxi operators during the protest.

The N3 in Pietermaritzburg was a no-go area early on Thursday morning due to ongoing protest action allegedly by residents from the Jika Joe informal settlement on the corners of Masukwana and Jabu Ndlovu streets.

The N3 is now open with traffic flowing in both directions. However, the lower CBD is still congested. The army is standing outside Brookside Mall along with some of the protestors who are also still outside the mall.

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