Spirit Mask Of 9000 Years Discovered By Archaeologist.


In some cases, though, these masks have been discovered by chance. In the early 1970s, a farmer who was tilling a field made an unintentional discovery. They eventually ended up in the hands of an antique trader. Unfortunately, the exact site of where the masks were discovered is unknown due to multiple changes in ownership.The World's Oldest Masks are 9000-year-old Neolithic Spirit Masks (More info below)

These masks were discovered in the Judean desert near Jerusalem and sculpted by some of our forefathers who chose to abandon the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and settle in the Judean highlands, where they began farming

This shift in existence is supposed to have spurred more organized religious beliefs and ancestor worship, necessitating the creation of artifacts like these

Several masks similar to these have been discovered in the area. They are occasionally discovered as a consequence of an archaeological investigation in regions where there are thousands of other artefacts.Rope baskets, beads, shells, flint knives, bone figurines, and adorned human skulls are just a few examples. Some of the stone masks even had beards and moustaches glued to them......

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