See the FA rules that shows that Pawson was wrong to send David Luiz out against Wolves

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It was a night of drama for Arsenal and Wolves in Premier League yesterday as both sides battled for three points. Arsenal were in good spirit but their confidence didn't last longer.

Nicola Pepe of Arsenal boosted Arsenal hope after putting the ball in the net for his side. The the happiness was all over Arsenal players not until the ref Craig Pawson showed Arsenal main man David Luiz a red card.

Willian Jose struggled the ball inside Arsenal box but he was technically fouled by Luiz. Obviously, there was a contact but Luiz's intention was not a harsh one. However, the ref didn't award the mind but the action.

Craig Pawson may now be in trouble for the poor decision looking at the FA new rule that defines the scenario. The new rule says:

Another unprofessional thing that happened in the game is the clear relationship between Craig Pawson and Wolves player.

The wolves player was seen laughing with Craig Pawson which is very disrespectful to Arsenal. The situation is suspicious.

In my opinion, FA should investigate this issue.

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