More Photos of the Ongoing Ebonyi International Airport Raises Reactions online


In this new era of technological advancement, many states try to be at par or close to the advancement as they struggle to make sure, their place is comfortable for all. Airport in recent times is seen as an important structure in every state as it doesn't just make transportation easier, but it also generates revenue for the state, and makes the state high among other states within the region.

Ebonyi state too among other states have also joined in the infrastructural development, as they've started also the construction of her International Airport. Although there are still some neighbouring states that already have an airport in theirs, while some others are already in construction but still, the Ebonyi state governor has taken up the gigantic project of constructing the airport, and below are some of the photos of the airport, as it's being constructed.

There's airport in Enugu, Asaba, Akwa Ibom, and on currently going on in Anambra state, do you really think having an airport in every state of the country, is very much Important?


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