Life is never balanced: see what happened to this child


Kenyans have been asked to support a mother of a one-year-old baby with her sick boy. Joan needs Sh 350,000 in order to undergo surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital. She was born with Keratoacanthoma, a form of skin tumor on her face.

Her mother has done everything she can to ensure that the baby is handled, but she is unable to allow her to have an operation at the hospital due to financial constraints.

She has now turned to the public for assistance in order to carry her child to the surgery that she hopes will restore her health.

Joan's parents, John and Fatuma, have only one child. The parents say that they have been having sleepless nights as a result of the child's illness.

Isiolo County is where the two parents are from. Joan is at home without any medicine because they can't afford the amount the hospital needs.

One well-wisher who wished to assist then donated Sh 20,000 before sharing the post on a Facebook page. He has since asked Kenyans to donate funds to assist Joan in receiving care.


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