"Raila's House on Fire" Mount Kenya Lawyer Alleges the Person Behind it


According to the Monday May 3rd 2021 'Taifa Leo' publication, the Orange Democratic Movement Party leader Raila Odinga's house is on fire. The publication has established that the cause of the fire in the Raila Odinga's house (ODM party) is the division as far as support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is concerned.

The publication has informed that some of the ODM Party Members have openly been showing their dissatisfaction in supporting the Uhuru-Raila's BBI initiative creating a notable indifferences as far as the BBI is concerned.

Vocal Lawyer from the Uhuru Kenyatta led Mount Kenya region has named the Head of State as the main cause of the above mentioned fire in Raila Odinga's house.

On his twitter page, Lawyer Ndung'u Wainaina noted that the Raila Odinga led ODM Party capsized and drowned in Uhuru Kenyatta's capture and cannibalization.

According to the lawyer, Uhuru Kenyatta is responsible for the ups and downs being experienced in the country's second largest political party.

''The consequences of political indifference and self interest. @TheODMparty capsized and drowned in Uhuru Kenyatta's capture and cannibalization,'' Lawyer Ndung'u Wainaina reported on his twitter page.

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