'My Husband Left Me With 4 Children. This Led Us Live In A Toilet For 'My Husband Left Me With 4 Children. This Led Us Live In A Toilet For 6 Years'. Joseline Narrates


Joseline a single mother of four children lives in a toilet with her children. She says she lived a normal and happy life with her husband and children until her husband started drinking alcohol. Whenever he was drunk, he would come and beat her mercilessly in front of the children saying that he married a useless wife who uneducated and doesn’t know how to do anything apart from giving birth.

One day, he woke up and told them that he was going far away and wasn’t coming back to them ever again. She had to struggle with her children and was unable to pay house rent for six months when she decided to move out of that house. She did not have any money she could use to rent a cheaper house for them to stay. She one day saw an abandoned toilet and decided that she would stay there with her family.

She took two of her children to their grandmother to go stay with them and was left with two since they all could not fit in the toilet. She says life has been hard for them that she had to cultivate farms for people in order to be able to feed her children.

She is sad that her children used to perform very well in school that they would even bring gifts back home, but ever since they their father left and they started living in a toilet they academic performance became extremely poor.

She said if she could get a house where her and the children would stay she would be very grateful. She believes that would make her children improve in their studies once again.

We wish Joseline all the best and pray that she gets helps and live a normal life like others.

Source; (https://youtu.be/3gs_-CvOrA0).

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