Accra Circle; Thief gets the beatings of all time.


Accra kwame Nkrumah Circle as known by all is the haven for criminals. Irrespective of who you are, these criminals would device ways and means to steal any valuable thing they get their hands on.

Many atimes one would think these recalcitrant have schools they learn this skills of stealing and one would think they were born with it.

Yesterday was a bad day for Kamumu as he received the best beatings of his life when he was chased, caught and given some punches after he succeeded in stealing an iphone from a bystander.

Luck couldn't locate him as the lady shouted for help. Within a twinkle of an eye, people numbering about 100, caught kamumu and dealt with him properly.

It is advised that all should take very good care of valuables anytime you are within the vicinity of circle. Kindly walk in twos or threes during the evening or always use routes been plyed by many to avoid been a victim of robbery.

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