One Of The Hottest And Extremely Sad Demonstrations Was Held In Accra Today.

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According to Joynews, one of the most Hottest Demonstrations in the history of Ghana was held today in Accra. It wasn't only hot but extremely sad. The Demonstration was hot because the number was quite huge characterised with shouts and agitations.

The Saddest characteristic of the demonstration was witnessed after some of the participants were seen crying uncontrollably. Yes, they were crying. The demonstrators were a group of unemployed nurses who have been in the house for so long.

According to them, their parents are giving up on them because they are jobless. Besides, they have catered for them throughout college and can't continue same after school.

" My mother is a single parent. She used all her resources to cater for me to become a nurse. Unfortunately, I haven't become the full professional nurse she wants me to be. I can't give her money nor cater for myself. Health Minister should help us " One of the demonstrators said in tears.

You can click on the link below and watch the video

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