Read These Bible Verses Before Leaving Your House And Your Day Will Be Great

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God's word is found in the Bible. It is immensely encouraging to start and end your day with God's word. It's important to remember that the Bible is God's way of revealing His will to us. Some of the best Bible scriptures to read every day before leaving your house are included below.

6:5,7 Deuteronomy is a book written by the prophet Deuteronomy. "With all of your heart, soul, and strength, love the Lord your God." They will leave an impression on your kids. When you're sitting at home or walking down the street, lying down or getting up, talk about them."

31:6 Deuteronomy is a book written by Moses for the Israelites. "You must be brave and strong." Do not be worried or afraid of them for the Lord your God is with you; he will never abandon you.”

24:14–15 Joshua “Fear the Lord now, and serve him with all your heart.” Serve the Lord instead of the gods your forefathers worshiped beyond the Euphrates and in Egypt.

But if worshiping the Lord offends you, pick whom you will serve now, whether the gods your forefathers worshiped across the Euphrates or the gods of the Amortized, in whose territory you live. But I and my family will serve the Lord."

We thank you for this day, Lord, and we ask that you walk with us until the end of it. We laud you as a gracious Lord. Please share and comment if you found this article useful. Wishing you a productive day.

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