ARMOUR OF GOD - Ephesians 6:12

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The inner man is strengthened to fight and win every battle when certain factors are available and they are:





Holy Spirit

Word of God

It's not by the amount of prayers but by the ability to possess the above elements. The Bible put it clearly that "the race is not for the Swift nor the battle to the strong" - (Eccl. 9:11).

If we were to fight with FLESH, the above elements would have been irrelevant but since we are fighting with powers and principalities, it's pertinent we drop our physical strength and weapon and put on the armor of God which are: Faith, Righteousness, Salvation, Truth, Holy Spirit and Word of God. The armour of God is effective and efficient. 

David defeated Goliath with the armor of God. He rejected man's armor but rather depended on God's armor... Therefore, in order to win that battle in your office, marital home, academics, business, etc, you need the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD. 

Take note that it's the "WHOLE ARMOUR" that is required and not just a "FRACTION". One ARMOUR is as important as others.

God bless you

©️Utibe-abasi Etok

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