A five storey building collapses in Kinoo

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It is a sad Sunday as residents woke up to see a collapsing building that tilted towards another building. The building is in Kinoo Kiambu county.

The National construction Authority has started investigation on what happened to the building. The good news about the building is that at the time of collapse, there was no tenants in the building.

The big question is why are buildings in the city collapsing at a high rate. Is the county and government agencies sleeping on their job. Are the contractors doing a shoddy job. Several buildings have collapsed in the recent months and it is high time the government took an action to protect it's citizen from accidents associated to collapsing buildings.

In my view corruption is playing a collosal role in ensuring sub standard work is done and the perpetuators of the work go free. The damage being felt by the innocent people who come to stay in the risky buildings as tenants.

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