"Wonder Shall Never End", Check out what a lady posted on Facebook about her money in piggy bank

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They say life is usually full of mysterious happenings, which sometimes favour and sometimes force tears out of our eyes.

Some happenings have been recorded about people who keep money in piggy banks only to later find much more than they kept, while some keep a huge amount of money, only to find pennies when they return to harvest their seeding.

A lot have also been said about spiritual depositions in the production of the piggy banks, causing numerous people to desist from the use of either clay Piggy Banks or Wooden piggy bank.

On Tuesday, 17th November, A lady identified as Bomate hope, has cried out on Facebook after discovering that her money which she keeps in a wooden piggy bank have all disappeared only to be left with #800 Naira, she further continued that the amount of money she's supposed to see should not be lesser than Five thousand Naira.

In her distressed write-up, she claimed that her sister warned her not to use the Piggy Bank, which she refused, replying her that she doesn't believe in spiritual fanatics and mysterious disappearances people claim.

Here's the screenshot of what she posted on Facebook.

Some people say she must've placed the bank where people are liable to steal from it, but she affirmed to her claims that only her knows where she kept it.

Do you think there's anything spiritual about Piggy Banks? Or her money really got stolen by some close friends or relatives?

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