List Of Countries That Enter New Year 2021 First And Last

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The clock is ticking, but differently in different countries, some are ahead while others are a little bit late. With 2021 arriving at different times across the globe here's the breakdown on who rings in the new year first and last.

Though administratively divided into the three main island groups of "Tongatapu, Ha'apai", and 'Vava'u excluding the outlying islands, the Tonga "archipelago" is actually made of two geologically different parallel chains of islands

The pacific island of Tonga is the first country to ring in the new year. Celebrated at 10am GMT on December 31, making island nation the first to head into 2021.

American Samoa will be one of the last country to welcome 2021.

American Samoa is noted for having the highest rate of military enlistment of any U.S. state or territory. As of September 9 2014.

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