Recruitment Portal Opens Today August 27th: Police ACP Kwesi Ofori Gives Order Ahead Recruitment


The Ghana police ACP Kwesi Ofori gives order that police recruitment portal opens today ahead recruitment exercise that is said to take place on August 27, 2021. According to the police ACP Kwesi Ofori, he made it clear that scammers also use this medium to lure people into fake recruitment package and he used that opportunity to call on Ghanaians to be sensitive in order not to fall victim of scam.

However, Kwesi Ofori perused on how a lot of people has fell victim of cheap recruitment scam perpetrated by unpatriotic citizens and he went further to warn anyone interested in applying to follow due process so as not to fall into wrong hands.

It is obvious that this is not the first time police recruitment exercise is going on, but it looks like this particular one that will come up on the 27th of August will really be thoroughly monitored by the security body. There is a tendency that the rate of scam during this recruitment exercise will definitely reduce because of the seriousness expressed by the ACP Kwesi Ofori.

Meanwhile, preparation is ongoing for the police recruitment exercise that will commence on August 27th and the hope of everyone is that everything should go smoothly without any form of negativity occurrence, before, during and after the recruitment exercise ends.

Please be informed on what will happen on August 27th.

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