We Need Cash For Ghana's Development Not LGBTQI Legislation- Wontumi Tells US President


The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bernard Antwi Boasiako who is affectionately referred to as Chairman Wontumi is admonishing the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden to channel it's resources towards the development of Ghana and African countries other than fiance advocacies for the acceptance and legislation of LGTBQI+ rights. Chairman Wontumi indicated that it is far more productive releasing grants to advance the development of Ghana and other states in Africa to overcome poverty and other developmental challenges, and out an end to the inducement of organised groups to compell Africa governments to accept LGBTQI "which is alien to our culture".

Chariman Wontumi emphasized that it would be wasteful for the US government and other donor agencies to channel these funds into LGBTQI+ rights and advocacy, given that African cultures abhor it. On Wontumi TV's 'Asempa Fie' show, the NPP Chairman stressed that the US ambassador to Ghana must channel his message to their President that no legislation will endorse "the abominable gay and lesbianism and the others in this country."

"Tell Joe Biden that what we need is cash. We need about $100 billion to develop our country. This could be a loan that we will repay over some time. Our problem as a nation is not the gayism, lesbianism, and the other rights, it is a matter of financing our physical and economic development."

Chairman Wontumi remarked that the country would purge itself the wrath of God by objecting to any pressure to legalise LGBTQI. He suggested that the Americas provides an asylum for Ghanaians and Africans who side with or are of the LGBTI community in their country.

To him, it would be far easier to route such opportunities through the American Visa Lottery so these people are taken to America and enjoy such rights.

"In fact, they say it is not evil and that the West have endorsed it, they should come for them. Tell Joe Biden to come for all of them. We have no use for them here. Why don't they provide an opportunity through the American lottery for these people. You want them so take them...you have vast land to host them.

"If indeed Joe Biden wants to help Africans....we know our wants and where we want to go as a nation, it's cash not that LGBTQI."

He however urged Ghanaian Christian Communities to pray against these agendas and support President Akufo-Addo's assurance that the nation would not ascribe to LGBTQI+ nor succumb to any influence to adopt it.

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