Nigerian Man Goes To His Mistress's House To Eat Fish Pepper Soup After His Wife Refuses To Make It


A woman shared her woes to the admin of Beyond Intimacy, a world wide relationship blog on Instagram. According to the story shared, the unidentified woman got back from work a little bit earlier than her husband who came back by 7p.m due to traffic. However, she quickly prepared a dish for him to eat.

When he got back, the dish was served. He rejected the food, insisting that she prepare fish pepper soup for his dinner. She tried talking to him about how markets have closed and how long the dish will take to prepare. He got angry, called her lazy and did something that was really funny.

He picked up his phone, called a number and put it on-speaker so his wife could hear. He told the lady at the receiving end that he wanted to eat fish pepper soup and she immediately told him that she'll rush to the market to buy fish and that he should come see her.

In a twinkle of an eye, he wore his cloth, picked up his car keys and zoomed off to his mistress's house. Was there any fault from the wife? Put yourself in the shoes of the wife and leave a comment on what you would do when he returns.