Workshop for heads and computing teachers in the Wassa-East district-Daboase


The Wassa-East district in the Western Region hosted a capacity-building workshop for head teachers and their computing teachers today, March 30th, 2021.

In an opening speech by the human resources manager, Mr. Kanyagbui Divine, the workshop was a necessary evil because, in the just ended filling of appraisal forms by teachers in the district was not properly done.

He added that, the district director, Miss Ernestina Christina Winful was unhappy and that called for the organization of this workshop.

"Teachers copied one another," he said. According to him, the aim of assessment was to assist individual teachers in carrying out their duties, but based on the results of the forms, teachers and principals have no idea how to fill out an appraisal form.

The head of planning, Mr. Frederick Forson, also walked the heads and teachers through the process of filling out an excel spreadsheet. This was due to the fact that most heads only send hard copies of data to the office rather than soft copies, making the officers' job of collecting data extremely difficult.

This, in my opinion, is a positive move in the right direction that other districts can follow.