Covid19- Your Health, Your Responsibility


The coronavirus brought the world to almost a stand still. Many countries opted to lockdown to flatten the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus is said to have started in Wuhan China. Of which the coarse of the virus is still not known as some say it came from animals and some say it was man made.

Countries like Italy were hit hard by the virus and recorded more death on a daily basis. And now Brazil is facing the same problem recording more infections and more deaths after USA.

South Africa on the other hand, the President was quick to shutdown the country to help curb the spread. While on the other hand they were preparing the health department for the worst situation that was expected as winter season gets in the picture.

While the country was on level 5 of lockdown, there was no economical activities taking place and schools were closed.

Moving to lower levels it meant easing of some regulations of the lockdown to help the economy to operate once again.

But with that, it does not mean the end of the virus. It just risky adjustments so that people can get back to their lives of which it is no longer normal lives as many things of doing things have changed.

Going back to work at thus time of pandemic is not as easy as one can think. There are so many safety measures an individual and companies should take.

From wearing face masks, sanitizing and practicing social distance is among the new norms that are facing our people.

From one level to another, it comes with more easing of regulations and it can only take one to be responsible to take care of their lives. That is to help the spread of the virus.