Heart Breaking Scenes As Students Of The University Of Uyo Mourn The Loss Of Iniubong


It was all sad scenes and tearful moments as students of the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, Held solemn processing in honor of one of their very own who was reportedly raped and murdered while she was job hunting. The heartbreaking story of Miss Iniubong Ephraim Umorem, who in her pureness of heart, and her quest to make herself useful to her family was said to have gone on a job-hunting mission to earn an honest leaving when she was lured by a spineless coward under the guise of giving her a job and reportedly raped before she was subsequently murdered and buried in a shallow grave.

The story of the unfortunate incidents that surrounded the gruesome murder of Late Ini, has left the whole country in awe about the level of wickedness that dwells in the heart of some people. As a result of her murder students at the University of Uyo, the higher institution from where she graduated not too long ago decided to pay their respects to her and her grieving family. Most of the students dressed in black as a sign of mourning were seen walking together in solemn and quiet processing, around the school complex.

Many other students were also seen holding up various banners with different inscriptions written on them, as well as her pictures as they marched in silence, often taking a knee in the middle of the procession. The gruesome murder of Iniubong has been described as a complete defeat for the hopes of the Nigerian students who after graduating from school hopes to get a job to do and practice what they labored so hard for years in school to study while earning a decent and honest living.

Iniubong Ephraim was described by her friends as someone who was so full of life and hope for the future, she didn't deserve to go down that way.

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