"Today he is loving and caring, Tomorrow he is a beast" A Young Woman Gets Beaten By Her Partner

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To abuse someone is to treat them in a cruel or violent manner, particularly on a regular or recurring basis. 

Abuse can come from both directions for women: they can be victims as well as abusers. Every single day, women are still subjected to ingrained forms of injustice as well as acts of violence. 

A young woman showed off some photos of the way her partner interacts with her. She noted that her relationship is challenging due to the fact that her boyfriend might be attentive and loving one day, and then abusive the next day. 

In the first picture, she showed a picture of herself and her boyfriend or girlfriend. She posted a picture of herself on the second frame, after she had been assaulted by her lover. Her face was puffy, and she was bleeding. The young woman also claimed that she will need to have surgery to restore her face. 

This caused a lot of people to be surprised. They suggested that she end the relationship as a piece of advice. Some people claimed that leaving was not a simple process. 

On Twitter, the young woman is known by her handle, which is Cupcaketwets. 

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