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Everyone has their style and taste in clothing and South Africa has some of the biggest brands that are still to be known by the world. A brand is not something that can be effortlessly made without having an established name for yourself or the brand, but there is an exception that the brands on this list overcame, they succeeded after struggling.

One thing that goes into building a brand name and trust with your customers is making sure that the brand lives up to the expectations that the clients have been promised, give them the quality and experience that they expect.

Here are brands that are proudly made in south africa.

1. Redbat.

I doubt that there is a single person in South Africa who does not know what Redbat is. Redbat is a proudly South African streetwear brand which was established by the fashion and sports brand known as Sportscene.

Redbat has become one of the biggest streetwear brands in South Africa, it has gained so much mainstream popularity over the years. The approach that was used to market the brand was good that it is appealing to a lot of the younger people, another thing that makes Redbat a desirable brand for the younger generation is because , the brand is very trendy and moves with the times when it comes to designs.

2. Rich Mnisi.

Rich is a South African fashion designer, who has had one of the brightest fashion careers ever. The young fashion designer has been to a lot of prestigious shows and has worked with some of the biggest celebrities from all across the world, such as Beyonce and Ciara.

Rich Mnisi established his name first, and his brand name just followed. Rich Mnisi is now one of South Africa's biggest brands.

3. Bathu.

From quitting his job to being the owner of now what is known as south Africa's biggest Shoe brand, the owner of the brand Bathu has taken this brand to heights that no one could ever think of. Bathu has come so far and today it is known as one of the biggest if not the biggest shoe brand that is proudly South African.

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