Money Is Good: Remember Stephanie Idolor Who Filmed Success In A Viral Video? See How She Looks Now

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It could be recalled that a lady whose name is Stephanie Idolor recorded the video of a sapele schoolgirl who was sent home for not paying school fees. In the video, the schoolgirl whose name is Success Adegor reacted that her teachers should have flogged her instead of sending her home.

After the video went viral on social media platforms, the identity of the lady was later revealed. Her name is Stephanie Idolor. Even she was later spotted at a NYSC camp.

The then lady who was a corper is now a graduate with NYSC certificate. It could also be recalled that she was gifted some money because she was the one who recorded the video.

With her recent pictures that I am showing, one could see that she has changed. Her lifestyle has obviously changed. One could say that she is judiciously spending the 2 million naira that was given to her by prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin of Mercyland Church.

Take a look at her pictures. All her recent pictures are credited to her Instagram account.

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