Effects of Alcohol on Your Body


A little wine is good for the stomach. Many people who use this phrase are know to be alcohol consumers. Moderate consumption of alcohol may have some health benefits but excessive consumption can post detrimental health effects to your body.

Alcohol is know to affect the digestive system of the body in most cases. Heavy drinking of alcohol can cause serious damage to the whole digestive system over a short period of time. Alcohol affects the ability of small intestine to control bacteria and absorb nutrients leading to malnutrition. It also causes ulcers, bloating, heartburns and hemorrhoids.

Alcohol also affect the brain and it's functions.Alcohol changes behavior.Alcohol reduces the communication between the brain and your body causing stirred speech. It also affects impulse control and ability to make memories "blackouts".

In women alcohol can cause infertility by ceasing of menstruation. Drinking alcohol while pregnant causes premature delivery, miscarriage and still birth. Children born by women whose use to consume alcohol during pregnancy are likely to have learning difficulties, long-term heart issues, increased emotional problems and physical development abnormalities.

Circulatory system can also be affected by use of alcohol. Alcohol consumers are at higher risk to contract heart diseases compared to those who do not drink. The most common complications include: stroke , heart attack, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure.

Alcohol also weakens the body's immune system. This is the ability of the body to fight diseases causing microorganisms. Heavy drinkers are likely to succumb to illness such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Alcohol also increases risk of contracting diseases such as cancer: mouth, breast and colon.

It also increases risk of fractures and slow the rate of healing. This is because alcohol inhibits new bone production putting one at risk of osteoporous. Bone fractures make muscles more likely to weaken and cramp.

Effects of alcohol can be severe and therefore one should consider them before taking the next drink.

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