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I often refer to Xiaomi as a “Multi-talented” company. The reason behind this is their vast amount of products. They are popular for their smartphones. But don’t forget they also have lifestyle products such as towels, kettles, motion sensor lights as well as computer glasses. They also have a lineup for refrigerators, and today it got updated. Xiaomi announced a new MIJIA refrigerator. Let’s check it out.

This refrigerator is the largest one among the previous offerings. To recall, there are a total of 3 previous offerings. They come in 160 liters, 170 liters, and 450 liters size options. The newest one comes at a huge size of 540 liters. You will be greeted by a double row straight opening drawers when you open the refrigerator. This comes in handy in storing different kinds of foods. As you know, each type of food should go in a different compartment to prevent bad odor. Hence, MIJIA offers drawers to separate food.

Talking about the other space in the refrigerator, it has 8 built indoor shelves. This again helps in storing foods with separation. If you would like to place a big dish or something huge enough, then no problem at all. The shelves come with adjustable heights. You can adjust the height of shelves according to your need. Now, talking about the total space volume and its division, the refrigerator has a total space of 540 liters. Out of which, 351 liters is used in the refrigerator area. Whereas, the freezer gets 189 liters of storage which is not bad at all.

Well, it’s just a refrigerator. But it is a Xiaomi sub-brand MIJIA product, which makes it have some other cool features. First of all, you can use the MIJIA application to control the refrigerator with just your smartphone. You can control the refrigerator from anywhere you want. Also, I liked its design as well. It’s not fancy or anything like that. However, it has an elegant look to it. It will go well anywhere with its Gray color option. Xiaomi promises coolness with this refrigerator, which is the basic necessity of a refrigerator. However, they also add that this product is great for energy saving and is silent as-well.

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