"Start Embracing Your Own Challenges ..." Inside The Life of An Entrepreneur By Michelle Ntalami


Michelle Ntami, Entrepreneur and Founder of Marini Naturals took it to her Instagram page today what the life an entrepreneur looks like.

This is what she said:

-What you see on social media are the fruits of the life of an Entrepreneur.

-No entrepreneur posts bad days eg:failed deals, bad targets, staff issues,unmotivated days, lost inventory, work-life imbalance ,cash flow issues, pilling up expenses,bad debts etc.

-She warned on being deceived by the nice staff they post claiming there's are thousands struggles behind them

"If you could see what others are dealing with,you could thank God for your own set of problems. The grass is only greener on social media. Behind the scenes, we are all turning and toiling,"Michelle's caption.

This message is quite motivating to those venturing in businesses. You have to embrace the struggles, don't fall for others results and think it's a walk in the pack.

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