The Teachers Service Commission Issues A Stern Warning To Teachers Who Violate Their Code Of Conduct

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The Teachers Service Commission of Kenya is an Independent government Commission established under the Constitution of Kenya to manage human resources within the education sector.

The body performs an important role of Recruiting and employing registered teachers.Apart from this crucial role, the TSC also has the mandate to execute disciplinary control over teachers.

The TSC has been having tough times dealing with rogue teachers over violation of their code of conduct.Many teachers end up loosing their jobs Incase it has been proven that they have violated their code of conduct.

According to the code of regulations for teachers, the offences that may lead to disciplinary action of a teacher are; immoral behavior but not restricted to sexual intercourse, sodomy, lesbianism, sexual harassment or flirtation; professional misconduct including but not restricted to negligence of duty, chronic absenteeism and insubordination.

Teachers are always given a chance to prove their innocence Incase they pledge not guilty.Incase they fail and they are found guilty this may put them on the spot and they have to face the consequences of their actions.

In the report that has been released by the Teachers Service Commission some 282 teachers have been sacked.In the report given by TSC it is said that Siaya and Muranga are the hotspots zones where teachers have been reported to have misbehaved with students.


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