Health Minister Reveals An Interprovincial Travel Ban Might be Coming in December

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Date: 26/11/21



As far as the pandemic is concerned, too many things have happened in the country in the past few days. South Africa announced that a new covid-19 variant was detected in the country and it is currently responsible for the increase in infections. It was also stated that it could actually be immune to the current Vaccines that are being administered in the country. Ontop of are all of that is bad the department of Health and South African health minister revealed even more bad news.


With an increase in the number of infections, South Africans wanted to know if a new lock down level was in the books. It is quite obvious that as cases rise, the country will need to move to a higher level of the lockdown in order to keep people safe. The following is an extract from SABC news:

'Health Minister, Joe Phaahla, says there is a possibility of an inter-provincial travel ban this festive season as a result of the rising number of new COVID-19 infections. More than 2800 cases were recorded today, with 12 deaths. #sabcnews"

What all of this means is that South Africa needs to prepare itself for the worst December have. We can remember that the December of 2020 was spent under lockdown and the last few days were the worst of them all.


It seems that the health minister is slowly dropping clues of what is to come. If an inter-provincial Pan is to be introduced in the country it means that other restrictions like the alcohol ban or any other uncomfortable restriction might be added. South Africans need to be ready for anything as they realise that another family meeting is closer than they think.

What is your take on the matter?

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