Reactions After Didmus Barasa Claims That Police Should Instead Arrest Raila Before Arresting Him

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Claims that Didmus Barasa had been using CDF cars for campaigns has been in the social media platforms since Tuesday, 24th May this week. Didmus Barasa is a member of parliament for Kimilili constituency. However today, he broke silence over the claims that he had been using CDF vehicles for campaigns, he said that the government should instead arrest the former prime minister Raila Odinga before arresting him. He further alleged that Raila Odinga uses 22 government vehicles for campaigns. A thing that has sparked alot of reactions from people across the country.

People who reacted on various social media platforms, accused Didmus Barasa for justifying impunity, branding CDF cars for personal agendas and changing the number plates.

MP Didmus Barasa allegedly branded a government vehicle with United Democratic Alliance, colours and used it for campaigns. Kimilili police officers yesterday raided, his house on 24 May 24 and found the government vehicle in his compound.

The vocal Member of Parliament admitted that he branded a government vehicle with United Democratic Alliance colours and used it for campaigns. He further revealed that he is the one who bought it and hence he has all the rights of using it.


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