Opinion: Stopping foodstuffs from coming to the South is not the solution to herders-farmers crisis


It is so sad that Nigeria have been continuously hit by major crisis since the start of this year. From the kidnap of the Kidnap of the Kagara schoolboys to the recent kidnapping of over 300 schoolgirls, but, the major crisis tearing the country apart is the Herders-Farmers Crisis in the South West of Nigeria.

Weeks ago, Sunday Igboho rose to the occasion and spearhead resistance forces against the activities of Fulani Herdsmen in some part of the southern region. Their settlements were destroyed coupled with other disaster that happened.

But now, the North have seemingly rise in favour of their people by hindering the free flow of food from the North down to the south. As we all know that, other parts of the country rely solely on farm produce from the North and if this is truncated, we would have to forcefully settle for scarcity and high prices of available commodities.

Thus, in my own opinion, stopping the distribution of food from the North to the South is not the solution to the Herders-Farmers Crisis because, it will only worsen it the more. 

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