Celestine Ndinda Shares Her Amazing Experience in Lamu With Her Fans.

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Celestine Ndinda is one of the top celebrated digital Influencer and Content Creator. Celestine is the wife of Blessed Njugush and the two have been blessed with one amazing child. Currently Celestine is pregnant with her second child.

Njugush took Celestine for her latest vacation in Lamu Island where the two are fully enjoying their stay there. Lamu is one of Kenya's top Islands located at the Coast and the Island is only accessible by a boat.

An interesting fact about Lamu is that there are no cars in the island and people have to either walk or choose a traditional method of transportation which is donkey transport. Celestine Revealed that the streets in Lamu are so narrow such that cars cannot pass. However Celestine was mesmerized by the beautiful nature of Lamu Island as she got to walk all over the town and take breath taking photographs. See latest screenshots of Celestine's Instagram Stories.

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