Greeting in Nigeria will not kill somebody πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Hi guys this is my first post and my write up is all about the lifestyle of a young girl in Nigeria.

According to my topic, greeting will not kill me. Nigeria is well known for its cultures and traditions and yes greeting is one of them. You must greet any elder that you come across, from your parents to the mama in your neighborhood. This is how the habit of greeting was inculcated in me.

So, one day I was walking on the street to my house from where I went to buy recharge card. I was listening to some cool jams through my ear piece. Then I saw this mama( old woman) carrying a 'ghana must go' bag on her head. As usual I'm supposed to greet so when I reached her I remove one ear piece and greeted her. That's when I took a glance at her. The woman was not even old as I thought and she was mad. This was when I noticed her well she was wearing an old rag and an old shoe that looked like a man's own. She just looked at me and frowned. I was shocked. I just walked quickly ahead. I stopped to look at her, she was still looking at me and frowning. I'm sure in her mind she's wondering 'is this one mad? Later they'll be calling me mad'. I just faced my front and walked home. When I got home I shared my plight with my mum. She just laughed at me. I was just perplexed.

This is my lifestyle, thanks for reading. Look forward to more about the struggles and lifestyle of the black girl.