CS Mutahi Kagwe Issues New Directive On Closure Of Bars and Restaurants

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There have been misunderstandings on whether to close bars or not following the lift of curfew by President Uhuru on Yesterday during the Mashujaa Day Celebrations. Police have been on the decision that bars and restaurants should be closed by 7 p.m a move that was not taken well by Kenyans as they saw it unfit when curfew was banned.

However Cabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe has cleared air on operations of bars and restaurants. He has thereafter directed bars and restaurants to change their closing operation hours from 7.00 p.m to 11.00 p.m or within the time limits allowed by licensing authorities. He has urged Kenyans to sanitize, social distance and adhere to measures kept by Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Covid-19 disease in the country.This happens as President Uhuru further directed that the places of worship will have a capacity of 2/3 of congregants a step from the 1/3 capacity. He urged Kenyans to strictly follow the guidelines kept by Ministry of Health so as to help fight the pandemic. He took the opportunity to thank Kenyans for being their brothers keepers and helped in decreasing the positivity rate in the country.

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