'Aitiwe Kibe.' Fans React To Latest Photo Of Kabi Wajesus Twerking Online.

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Kabi Wajesus is one of the most hilarious brand Influencer and Content Creator on You Tube. Apart from being a comedian Kabi Wajesus is a Family man. Kabi has a wife called Milly and the two have been blessed with two children. Kabi is also an elder brother to his siblings.

Today Kabi has decided to stir reactions online after he posted a video of himself and his younger siblings having fun inside the house as they create content. Kabi put lots of clothes on his back side of his butt and they went on to try out a hilarious trending challenge on TikTok.

Kabi started off by twerking. Fans have reacted by laughing so hard and have been left wondering if Kabi is this funny. Other fans have called out on Kibe to address the Nation. Kibe is a popular activist on You Tube who loves to criticize Celebrities. See Screenshots of Fans Reactions.

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