Good news for all unemployed people in South Africa after a solution was Revealed.

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Next January will be the year we reclaim our South African pride and glory, the year we reclaim our flag as South Africans. It will be the fifth year in a row that South Africans reclaim their dignity. As a result, a large number of foreigners will be fleeing the country. We don't combine our words in South Africa. We welcome all legitimate foreigners; nevertheless, we have zero tolerance for illegal foreigners who come to South Africa with the intent of hijacking buildings, committing violent crimes, displaying arrogance, and showing total disdain. A legal tourist is one who comes to experience our nation in peace before returning home. The legal is the businessman or woman who enters, does legal business, and then leaves. Those who have come to study must finish their studies and return home. Legal isn't coming in to sell tomatoes since it's against the law. 

Foreigners Permits are set to expire in seven weeks. Do foreigners have a backup plan? South Africans are prepared to deal with all Zimbabweans who will be in the country illegally after December 31. The Grace Period under ZimPermits is unconstitutional. The Permit itself served as a deadline. The permit is obvious; the permits expire on December 31, 2021; the Zimbos should have started departing the country at the start of the year. The Anc is taking advantage of the situation. The Anc has realized that the immigration issue will cost them votes, thus in the coming month, they will deal with foreigners. 

1. The Border Management Authority is carrying out its duties. 

2. Job quotas and reservations, among other things 

Foreigners are in serious danger. We urge our females to avoid dating foreigners, particularly Nigerians, Pakistanis, Ethiopians, and Zimbabweans. These individuals are simply interested in marrying you and obtaining South African citizenship at your expense. Allow them to engage in arm wrestling. 

CORRUPTION BY OUR OWN SOUTH AFRICANS" lies at the root of our country's boarder infiltration, culminating in a significant surge of unauthorized immigrants.

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