7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Colors For Inside Their Homes


Incorrect color zoning

For an open-plan apartment, most of decide to use color zoning. Meaning that we divide the walls into zones by using different colors. It often happens that an apartment doesn't really need this division. If you decide to zone your apartment, take into consideration that you really need it and do it properly.

Chasing trends

When we want to choose various trends for our interiors, we normally break basic design rules like the lack of contrast in a beige room can create a feeling of living in a box, which will make look boring.

Lighting changes colors

Keep in mind that natural lighting affects the room's color during the day, and artificial lighting does the same in the evening. That's why the overall impression of the room's color changes. When you choose colors especially if you choose dark ones, remember about the lighting.

Incorrect distribution of colors

If you are really looking forward to combine several colors, don't try to use them in equal proportions. Instead give priority to one of them, and use the others to add accents to the interior. Main colors should occupy at least 60% of the space.

Incorrect combination of contrasting colors

When try to play with contrast is like walking a fine line between a stylish decision and bad taste. This kind of atmosphere doesn't let you relax, it will just annoy you. Moreover, there's always a risk that you might pick colors that'll look awful together.

Monochrome interior

Staying in a monochrome interior is not a good idea. Use your favorite shade to add accents to walls, furniture, and other interior design items. Some bright accents placed here and there will create a better impression than if the whole room is in one color.

Vivid colors

You aren't advised to use overly vivid colors, since they can irritate the eye. If you want some bright colorful accents in your room, just remember there shouldn't be too many of them. Consider Keeping things in moderation to create a wonderful atmosphere in your apartment.

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