They don't want to see a young black man succeed


The coolest kid in Africa Nasty C has just made a collaboration track with Tip Harris well known as T.I one of the hip-hop moguls in United States and it seems he can't get over the young king of Africa Nasty C.

The two artists joined their creativeness on this song to create and spread awareness against the injustice happening towards the people of colour all over the world especially in Europe and America since racism is immoderate there.

It's such an amazing thing to see one of the greatest minds in hip-hop genre in the era of our generation sharing their perspective about the whole scenario taking place.

These are the kind of rappers we should value and embrace their craft more than the ones who always rap about the fancy cars, beautiful girls, flossing with money and bragging about having assets than the normal citizens who work 9-5 daily jobs.

Due to such mentality T.I seem be interested in doing more collaboration with the African star on his upcoming projects, I guess we will be seeing more and more of these stars working together in the near future.


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