"May God Have Mercy" See What a Pastor Did in Church That Got His Members Angry


Sometimes something strange things happen that we find difficult to explain, the world is full of surprises and this is because the human behaviour which is different due to people's differences.

Nowadays, men of God are always on the news because of the things that goes on in the churches. Some of these pastors are being accused of extorting money from their members and hiding it under the payment of tithe. Christians see tithe as a compulsory payment they must make so as to receive the blessing from their pastors.

In this case, this particular pastor who is a Nigerian was attacked by angry church members after bringing his new expensive car to the church. A pastor brought a new range rover which the members believe he bought with their tithe payment. Shockingly they requested for the reimbursement of their tithes, and they did that while trying to beat up the pastor.

The pastor was attacked aggressively, the aggrieved members grabbed the pastor by his shirt immediately he came down from his brand new white Range Rover. Infact, there was an exchange of blows between the members, some of the loyalist of the pastor who were trying to protect the pastor were trading blows among eachother.

Do you think pastors should stay away from luxuries? your opinion matters alot

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